Sunday, December 9, 2007

Building and Debugging code for the Siibot

  1. SDK
    To build code on the ebox 2300, you have to download and install the ebox 2300 SDK :
    go to following website and download/install "eBox2300_WinCE600_SDK.msi"

  2. Create a C# project
    Startup Visual Studio, and create a new project.
    Select a Visual C# - Smart Device - Windows CE 5.0 device
    Choose your project type:
    - Console Application : command line application
    - Device Application : GUI application
    - Class library : library
  3. Build
    To build code for the ebox2300, make sure the toolbar "device" is visible, by selecting
    View > Toolbars > Device
    In this toolbar, you can select the target device for which you want to build code. Select the ebox2300 device.
    Click here for a more detailed example.

  4. Debug / simulate
    Probably more interesting is how to debug / simulate your Siibot application. This is quite 'tricky' because the ebox2300 does not provide an emulator environment.

    In the device toolbar, select "Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator".
    Now you can debug your application, indeed on a Pocket PC.

    In the emulator, browse wit the 'File Explorer' to 'Program Files'. Here you can find, startup and debug your application.

  5. Deploy on the ebox2300
    To be defined. Erwin will investigate this.

  6. More information
    eBox-2300 Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Jump Start Guide

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