Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Siibot meeting February 21st 2008

In English this time :)

Next meeting: Thursday, April 17th 2008, 17:30: Pizza. 18:00: Start


Hans and Erik had a look at a way to run our Siibot code against the Microsoft Robotics simulator. They concluded that it will take too much effort to realize this.
Since we have 2 iRobot Create platforms and Erik has a real Roomba vacuum cleaner, we should manage without simulator.

C# Roomba SCI Library

Peter has been working on a Roomba SCI library that works for both the Compact and Micro Framework. This library is based on the existing RoombaSCI framework from SourceForge.
He's not finished yet and will proceed with the development.


During our meeting we tried to connect to the eBox through a wireless connection. We didn't succeed yet.
For the next time, Hans and Erik will have a look at connectivity and deployment.


The subversion archive is in place and it is actually used. However, the question was raised: what goes where?
As in normal projects we have a Development\Trunk\Sw directory that contains an App, Lib and Import directory.
The Import directory will contain any binary that our application depends on, like assemblies for instance.
We will support both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008: the Sw directory currently contains 2005 solutions for both Compact and Micro Framework. These two solutions will be added for 2008 as well.

A note from Maurice Beelen: Commit monitor is a handy tool that will notify you when there are changes in the archive.

eBox Battery Pack

Tim has fabricated the battery pack for the eBox! See the following blog items:

eBox 2300 battery and eBox running on battery

TCP/IP Client and Server

Maurice van den Heuvel continued working on the TCP/IP client and server. Currently data is sent one way only. Maurice will work on two way communication for the next time.


Peter suggested using .Net remoting. This offers direct functionality without all the TCP/IP and protocol plumbing. Maurice Beelen will start a parallel search for a Remoting Solution. He will use the Visual Studio CE simulator for this.


Jeroen has shown his experiences with a webcam he purchased. An API/SDK is available for it but it depends heavily on DirectShow. He will investigate if this is usable on the Compact Framework. Maybe C++ code is needed. Kristof Smits and Jeroen will look into this. Another option is using the VLC media player for streaming. Jeroen will investigate this further for the next time.

Porting Machine2World to the eBox

Kristof has been working on the M2W port for the eBox. The ACE and CURL library must be ported for this, but since Win CE lacks certain system calls that are available in non-CE Windows platforms there are still issues to be solved. Tim will join Kristof.


Maurice Beelen suggested to have a look at the overall architecture of out system. Maurice Beelen, Erik and Hans will take this up the following weeks.


  • M2W port (With TiBe)
  • Look at VLC streaming/C++? (with JeTo)
  • Remoting op WinCE (emulator)
  • Discuss the overall architecture (With HaOd & ErVe)
PeCo: C# Roomba SCI Lib 4 CF & MF

  • Webcam
  • Look at VLC streaming/C++? (with KrSm)

MaHe: TCP/IP two way communications

TiBe: M2W port (With KrSm)

  • Deployment of an application to the eBox + remote debugging
  • Discuss the overall architecture (With HaOd & MaBe)
  • Deployment (With ErVe)
  • Discuss the overall architecture (With MaBe & ErVe)

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