Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Architecture team starts working Agile

The Architecture team (Tim, Erik, Hans and me) are going to use Scrum to guide our development. Today we've chosen to use Xplanner as it already used within the Sioux Development Center and it can be accessed remotely through the web pages. Possibly other sub teams can use it too.

We will have sprints of 2 weeks. As we all work in the Development Center most meetings are planned in extended lunch breaks. We still need to define what daily means for us in "daily scrum meeting". But well, just give it a try.

We have looked at Virtual SCRUM Board by Microguru Corporation. what we found is that it lacked remote usability. But it had this nice Scrum board.

What we would like is the best of both worlds with an actual virtual scrum board, using some technologies to collaborate remotely. Not with the focus on project planning but on collaboration, standing at the board exchanging information and move notes around.

At the Praatje-Pot-Inipi (internal training at Sioux) by the author of "Dromen, Durven, Doen" Ben Tiggelaar, I got in conversation with Maurice van den Heuvel and Erik Vermeulen about creating this Scrum board where we can actually move, add and remove "paper" notes while working on geographically separate locations. Technologies like Skype can then be used to speak with each other.

Perhaps some development which the .Net Expertise Group can start.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Where's My Roomba? WiFi Signal Measuring

Electrical and Computer Engineering students at the Jacobs School of Engineering (part of UCSD, the University of California in San Diego) can join a Sponsored Student Design Project (ECE 191). In one of last winter season's projects, students were challenged to develop a system that can determine a Roomba's indoors position very acurately. They seem to have used both tracking data from the Roomba itself as well as Wifi signal strength from a couple of Wifi routers. We're not this far yet, but to me it sounds very cool! They put this clip on YouTube:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

SiiBot Agenda

Just to share appointments within the team and subteams I've created an agenda in Google. Mail me your Google account and I'll give you access to the shared agenda.

We're using the blog to show our progress to the world. At this moment I've not released the agenda to the world. Let me know what you think about that.

.Net remoting and eventing


I found this article on .Net remoting and implementing an eventing. 

Although Utkarsh Shah, who is the author of the article, doesn't recommended using it over the network, it's interesting enough to test it on the ebox/CF and PC/FF and see how far we get. And learn rom the results.

Erik Vermeulen, who has done the first implementation using the AGAIG remoting, will perform the implementation and test. I'm looking forward to see the results.