Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Siibot Meeting Minutes, september 23rd 2008

Present: TiBe, MaHe, MaBe, KrSm, ErVe
Absent: HaOd

This meeting we did a quick round to discuss the results of everyone's effort of the last period.

ErVe: Erik tried to connect the remoting server to a real Roomba instead of a simulation. However, there were problems with several USB-to-RS232 converters under Vista. We even got blue screens (that was a long time ago ;)). For the next meeting, Erik will use a PC with a native RS232 port or the eBox to get the demo working.

KrSm: Kristof managed to integrate Siibot's eBox into the M2W platform. Running M2W on Windows CE proved to be a real challenge. He gave an interesting demonstration with several Remote Desktop solutions. Before the demo he noticed that there aren't that many remote desktop servers available for Windows CE. PocketVNC might be a nice option, we found out during the meeting. Additionaly, Since M2W is aware of the IP address of the eBox after it registers, all kinds of interesting server applications could be run on the eBox. E.g. a webcam streaming server. Kristof will take a closer look at the options the next month.

MaHe: Maurice has built an abstraction layer on top of his TCP/IP protocol layer. This layer should enable us to swap AsGoodAsItGets and the alternative TCP/IP implementation without any hassle. As a goal for the next meeting, Maurice will integrate the abstraction layer in the Visual Studio 2008 solution.

TiBe: Tim took over the Windows CE platform builder issues from ErJo. Tim managed to build a new CE image (nk.bin) that is able to persist any changes done to the file system and registry. In other words, these changes will survive a reboot now. This wasn't the case before. This is an important step and makes the eBox a much nicer platform for development and deployment. If there are missing components in the current image (e.g. the Wifi driver is currently not yet included), don't hesitate to ask Tim to include them.

MaBe: Last meeting, we discussed the architecture. Both MaBe, TiBe and ErVe have been involved in the architecture before, however we really needed MaBe to be present in order to answer some of the questions that the others came up with. We got trapped in circular discussions during the previous meeting.
This time, MaBe was present and the architecture has been presented clearly to everyone. MaBe, ErVe and TiBe agreed to continue working on this part of the project. Since a lot of interface functions are already defined in both the presentation and our Visual Studio solution, we can start implementing the interfaces.

The next meeting will be on thursday, october 23rd 2008.

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